Heiwa Haiku 227

My response to God ~ for all of God’s bright blessings? ~ Love in community. Psalm 116:12

You Know How Much A Hole A Man Leaves When He Dies?

One of the strange quirks of this peace loving man is that I love westerns. In fact, they are probably my favorite genre of fiction, right up there with sci-fi and mystery. My favorite Western author is Louis L’Amour. There are other Western writers I like, but I credit Boots, my best friend when I…

I Say Good-Bye, You Say Hello – Facing Life Without Facebook

Over the next several days, weeks, months, year(?), however long it takes for the extraction, I will continue the process of removing most of my online presence. I have now deleted my Instagram and Shopify accounts which were for my business. That journey will be documented at lyndakerinlay.wordpress.com. The more personal retreat (nice word that:)…

Heiwa Haiku 226

when i’m sad inside ~ i watch sparrows feed their young ~ so too i by God

Heiwa Haiku 225.5

a new day dawns gray ~ my soul is clouded as well ~ i long for sun warmth

Heiwa Haiku 225

loud must be unheard ~ quiet in the land returns ~ a silent revolt

Heiwa Haiku 224

a disconnecting ~ leads to a loving response ~ and more connection

Heiwa Haiku 223.5

another shooting ~ too many racists have guns ~ bullets filled with hate