Dirtied by this place, hanging on by simply being cast into the cold shadow out of the sun’s reach, our days are numbered. Yet what we were is not forgotten and remains even when we return to water to come again in a future winter as new-fallen snow. February 21, 2016

Freshly Fallen Snow

I have come once again to a place of memories, across miles of roads that though traveled long ago quickly become familiar. I am not completely at ease, convinced that I have forgotten something though I cannot discover what it might be. The winter has been mild, even here where it seems the land has…

Heiwa Haiku 125

underneath the snow ~ in cold ground waiting to grow ~ the seed is my soul


today this quilt is a reminder that the world is one as imperfections and boundary lines disappear beneath the snow someday when the inevitable thaw comes would it not be a wondrous thing for the things that separate us to melt away too? March 5, 2015

The Promised Land – A Song in Honor of Dr. King

Originally recorded in the early 90s as MLK Refrain. Re-edited, remixed, remastered and spruced up with some funky loops. Excerpts from “Mountaintop” and “I Have A Dream” speeches by Dr. King. A KMLS Mix.

First Snow

before the tire and boot tracks the rumbling of the plow the noisy gray that comes with salt and sand there is the soft sound of the world becoming one January 6, 2015

Winter Haiku

paths of many feet ~ written Sanskrit on snow field ~ warm sun, eraser March 5, 2014