Chirping About Chirp Audiobooks

I listen to a LOT of audiobooks. I have membership in four(!) libraries and usually use Overdrive or Libby to check out and listen to books for free. Often, especially in a series, I have to put a hold on a book I wish to read and I have no idea how long I’ll have…

To Be Or Do, That is the Question

To begin each day, rather than with, “What do I want to accomplish or do today?” but with, “What kind of person (Who) do I want to be today?”

The Winds of War

On December 12, 2011, I released a video of a song I recorded with Brett Sherman (pre-Jeremiahs Run days) during the First Gulf War in 1991. The song is called The Winds of War and the video was originally released as part of my PeaceGrooves project. The original song is put to footage of a…

Heiwa Haiku 133

when most are not free ~ it is a revolting thing ~ yes, most revolting

Heiwa Haiku 132

hey you autocrat ~ “put in” your resignation ~ set the people free

Heiwa Haiku 131

soldiers disobey ~ please put your weapons away ~ go back home to stay

Heiwa Haiku 130

autocratic states ~ people chained by his hubris ~ when will you rise up?

Heiwa Haiku 129

Some trust chariots ~ (or tanks or guns or missiles) ~ I trust in the Lord.