Heiwa Haiku 222

the morning dove cries ~ children sort through parent’s things ~ song for life’s season

I Am . . .

I am the walking shadow. I am the flickering light. I am the singing dawn. I am the end of night.

The Hands Of Absolution

For Pastor Bob A Eulogy on the anniversary of his dying The first thing you notice are his hands; mottled like the trunk of a sycamore tree, tanned brown by the southern sun with patches of cottonmouth white around the knuckles and the palms. They wave in the moist and pregnant air like leaves before…

Heiwa Haiku 221

the act of presence ~ first begins with letting go ~ openness remains

Heiwa Haiku 220

Hey You! Look at me ~ Hey! Over here! Look at me! ~ Hey You. Look at He.

Heiwa Haiku 219

heart filled with lament ~ wish for love to make a dent ~ where hate must relent

Heiwa Haiku 218.5

Sundays are for rest. I wish neighbors would not mow. Who am I to judge?