Heiwa Haiku 255

watching the birds feed ~ suddenly they fly away ~ unseen predator?

Heiwa Haiku 254

Life is an ocean. ~ I can choose to float on top ~ or to dive deep down.

Heiwa Haiku 253

strange that the living ~ are less protected today ~ than those not yet born

Heiwa Haiku 252

I have been remiss, ~ like a long lost lover, this ~ morning haiku kiss

All The Advice You Will Ever Need To Have A Good Life

From an anonymous writer to Ann Landers (posted here on the anniversary of Ann Landers death) This is all the advice you will ever need to have a good life. 1. Wash what is dirty. 2. Water what is dry. 3. Heal what is wounded. 4. Warm what is cold. 5. Guide what goes off…

Heiwa Haiku 251

love unacknowledged ~ night pain stings an open heart ~ awakes to cold rain

Heiwa Haiku 250

Life’s storms come and go. ~ The soul is battered by wind. ~ Jesus is the lee.

Heiwa Haiku 249

The power was out.~ No lights kept the night at bay, ~ save the lightning bugs.