Spiritual Explorations with AI Here I am again, waking from troubled sleep, my mind ablaze with scenarios of what may come. It is the ego that breeds anxiety. Somehow I still think that I can wrestle the future away from the Divine. Yet when I recognize that Who I hold is beyond me, that is…

Heiwa Haiku 377

Why am I troubled? I wrestle with what may come. I grasp an angel.

Thank you, Ms. Rosa

#9 in the “I Am So Confucius” cartoon strip AI infused commentary by KMLS and starryai

Heiwa Haiku 376

To live unto God means nothing is secular. All things are sacred. (Charles Spurgeon)

Heiwa Haiku 375

Now that Musk owns it, hate speech has surged on Twitter. Why are you still there?

Ever Towards Elusive Dreams

Ant on the glass, looking out the window, Seeing but not tasting the creation. Ant on the glass, trapped inside alone, Searching for a crack to his destination. And a crack he’ll find, someday, sometime, Patience draws the line. February 5, 1985

Heiwa Haiku 374

Mourning has begun. I awake from troubled sleep. Somewhere a life ends.