Heiwa Haiku 546

Hatred begins fights. But love is like a quilt that covers bickering. Proverbs 10:12 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 545

Come, take a long drink. This is different water. It will satisfy. John 4:13-14 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 544

God, you’re my safe house. You take me seriously. You’ve made me welcome. Psalm 61:3 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 543

Are you getting tired? That’s when God’s Spirit shows up, making all things good. Romans 8:28 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 542

Don’t walk off and leave. Stay at your post. Keep praying. Teach folks how to live. 1 Samuel 12:24 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 541

Love one another. Love the way Jesus loves you. Be a friend to all. John 15:13 MSG

Heiwa Haiku 540

God’s generous love is what makes life worth living. Each breath is blessing. Psalm 63:3 MSG