Peace. Youth. The Arts. (hmm . . . seems to be a theme here)

Strange to think that it was over 10 years ago that my brother and I began PeaceGrooves <>, a project Keith-Pinball-WISP-MD-99centered around the creation of alternative media, stories and games that reflect an Anabaptist nonviolent perspective. Since that time we have led various workshops, held many brainstorming sessions, and even sponsored a nonviolent game development contest with mixed results. Currently, PeaceGrooves serves as the catalyst for a variety of personal artistic endeavors.

Youth and the arts have always been a part of my life, usually in partnership concurrently. Over the course of my life, I have worked with diverse groups of youth in a variety of rural and urban settings. While working for a nonprofit in West Virginia, I implemented the When Youth Create program that connected youth to the arts as a way to foster personal growth and community connectedness. As part of the program, I led a youth council in runnning the Sound Lounge, a safe and drug free music club for youth and youth musicians. I also hosted the Sound Lounge Radio Show which featured music and programming by and for youth.

I have a BA in Youth Ministry (1991), have served as a Youth Pastor, and received a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation (in Education) from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA in 2008. I have been certified in anger management and have received training in mediation as well as other violence prevention curricula.

In 2013, I became the Managing Editor for PeaceSigns, the news magazine of the Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Church USA, a position which I held until 2018.

In my former life, I have been a singer/songwriter, poet, radio dj, photographer, carpenter, teacher, website designer, artist and generally all-round-creative-dude. Aspects of this former life continue to show up in my current life which leads me to rarely if ever be bored (much to my childrens’ chagrin). To see what else I am up to feel free to visit the various links listed in the sidebars.

I am grateful for your presence and welcome any comments you may have.

Keith Lyndaker Schlabach

All ideas, images, and writing on this blog are protected under a Creative Commons license. Please do not use without first asking for permission.

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  1. Kathy Osborne says:

    Good to see what you are up to now, Keith! I think about you every time I pass through Harpers Ferry, though it seems you are now in Mt. Ranier. Hope you, Rachelle, and your kids (congratulations!) are doing well. Me, James, and our 20-month old son, Ian, are about to relocate so I can work on a doctorate. Best wishes to all of you!


    1. jlseagull says:


      So wonderful to hear from you! Wow, it has been awhile. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me an update. Blessings to you, James and Ian during the next stage of your journey. Stay in touch!


  2. peacegroover says:

    Hi Logan,
    Great to hear from you. Did you get my email? I will check back in soon.


  3. Logan Good says:

    i was at pittsburgh convention and i went to the got game seminar and i have a game idea that i showed to the leader there. how do i get ahold of him


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