The Artful Shutterbug

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Ever since my parents bought me a little slim-line Kodak when I was a kid, I have been a shutterbug. My photo taking has happened in spurts – either on trips or when the muse has struck so I guess I could say I am a closet (or darkroom) photographer. After all of these years, I still consider myself an amateur and that is okay.

Artist Aperture

At heart, I am an artist – photography gives my artist eye an opportunity to capture images in the world around me.. Adobe Photoshop is one way for me to combine these two loves, art and photography, into a variety of interesting designs.

Creative Composition

While I may begin with a theme or idea, as I work the composition takes on a life of its own so that the end result is not exactly what I had in mind. Allowing the process to lead rather than rigidity provides for experimentation and surprising results. I try to use original images for all of my work but also use found images at times.My pieces are not just for pretty sake – I want them to make a statement.


Currently, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to organize and make some edits to my photos, Adobe Photoshop CS2 for composition, and various digital and film cameras/phones over the years for shooting. At this time, I am using a Microsoft Surface as my primary computer. I use various photo apps on my phone as well.

A Room With A View

My flickr page contains my “regular” photos (see the link on the sidebar). This blog is exclusively for my Photoshop creations. I felt like they were getting lost on my flickr page (as well as where I posted them) and as I do more of this kind of work, I want to showcase them.


I am still learning. That is what makes life fun! Any and all advice or comments are welcome. I ALWAYS reply to EVERY comment. That is my commitment to you who have taken the time to stop by and found my blog out of the millions on the web. So thank you.

Other Projects

Check out my links in the sidebar to see my other projects where I use many of these compositions.


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