The Book of Augur

Augur Wright Speaks

The Book of Augur under the authorship of one Augur Wright was my vain attempt at compiling various writings, music, and artistic endeavors around various themes in a contemplative manner.

This was a another separate WordPress blog (of course!). ( My goal was to have a daily reading each week to culminate on a full unabridged essay at week’s end.

I found the compilation rather time consuming and cumbersome. I will vent here a little and express my complete disdain for the WordPress block editor, which not only has major conflicts with the classic editor but makes it extremely difficult to cross post, especially via mobile phone. While I do see benefits to the block editor with its variety of options for embeding media, etc., I have found the final formatting to be overly complicated and cumbersome, especially when I need to make edits to an existing post.

That said, I do believe the idea of thematic compilation has merit for several reasons. One, it helps me to reflect on past writings, which while they serve as prayer, are also memory, and help me reconnect to my center as I re-read what I wrote. Two, it helps me continue the gargantuan task of organizing more than a decade of virtual offerings as well as the creative endeavors of a lifetime that continue to reside in mind, heart, and a plethora of plastic bins. Three, (because any strong expose must always have three points:), such a project allows me to determine whether my thought is indeed making progress and/or I am journeying over the same ground as it were.

I do hope to include the Book of Augur chapters here and on the Soul Radiographs podcast.

I do hope you will find the compilations compelling, and to use a favorite word of my dear late friend Verle, a most “fetching” endeavor.

“Thoughts fly by quicker than bees. Augur cannot keep track of them all.”