Publication Schedule

Some Updates (in italics):

The weekly schedule below was for the PeaceGrooves blog that has since become IX-Rays, which may or may not follow the following publication schedule.

In addition, as a new spiritual practice for me, I will be posting a new Heiwa Haiku at 935am EST daily.

Other posts will usually be published at 1205 PM EST or 5:15pm EST as well as other times.

As a co-pastor with my wife, I usually preach every other Sunday. Sermons will generally be posted the Sunday they are given.

Also, in order to provide a more consistent look and to provide images with a contemplative focusing motif, I am creating images/icons (using the PicsArt app and AI) for posts which I hope will provide such consistent and contemplative beauty to the site as a whole. If you look closely at the icons, you will find images related to the post they represent.

The previous publication schedule follows:

In a valiant attempt towards a more organized blog, what follows is a publication schedule with each day of the week matched with a post topic/type for that day. Of course, the writer reserves the right to post anything off topic if the muse so happens to direct.

Monday – “Monday Monday” Song
(from the 1966 hit by the Mamas and the Papas). Posts will feature an original composition of music either in lyric form or recorded with streaming/download links to my SoundCloud page and the Internet archives.

Tuesday – PeaceGrooves
Since this day of the week is named after Mars, the god of War, posts will reflect themes of peace and nonviolence in a variety of genres including Heiwa (Japanese for peace) Haiku and other PeaceGrooves.

Wednesday – Midweek Essays
Mercury is the inspiration for this day. He was known as a messenger and as a guide for souls. He is also aligned with such themes as commerce, travel, theft, science and eloquence. I figure any of those are worthy of much commentary. (I am not making any promises regarding eloquence though).

Thursday – Leaves on the Poet Tree
This is by far my favorite genre and though it may find its way onto the posts of other days, Thor’s Day is dedicated to poetry in the plethora of all its forms.

Friday – Campfire Tales
On Fridays, to honor the companion of that same name from that wonderful old adventure, I will release a story, either in audio or written format.

Saturday – KMLS Photo Shop
KMLS Photo Shop was one of my former blogs that I rolled into this one. Having graduated from Saturday Morning Cartoons, I offer one of my photo art creations each Saturday.

Sunday – The Sunday Driver
From my former Slow Mover blog comes items of a contemplative or spiritual bent in the form of prayers, thoughts, and other similar pieces.

To the best of my ability, posts will be published between the hours of 9am and 11am EST.

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